Well hello there!

My name is Trevor. I'm a software developer. I strive to learn new things every day and share what I learn.

Work experience

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Software Developer, - current

  • Maintaining modules and libraries shared across teams and projects
  • Mentoring developers throughout the organization
  • Training teams on the latest updates in the industry

Roeder Studios

Software Developer, -

  • Contributed to full-stack development of the Edgar web app
  • Managed tests, builds, and deployments in Continous Integration
  • Refactored thousands of tests to be more reliable
  • Led front-end development of the Ropig web app
  • Automated API layer between back-end and front-end
  • Introduced end-to-end tests for critical features for customers

Director of Instruction, -

  • Led onboarding of new code instructors
  • Developed the instructor web app for uploading videos, viewing royalties/stats etc.
  • Built the component library shared across egghead apps
  • Recorded and published my own courses as a code instructor


Software Developer, -

  • Contributed to development of the Domo mobile web app
  • Applied complex logic for data visualizations, client-side caching, and realtime chat

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Software Developer, -

  • Contributed to development of the project
  • Published modules for use across projects and teams
  • Helped start a component library shared across projects
  • Introduced unit testing to existing and new code
  • Interviewed potential new hires
  • Trained new hires


Software Developer, -

  • Contributed to development of features for surveys
  • Updated team survey templates to be responsive
  • Created an embedded application for use in social media
  • Interviewed potential new hires
  • Trained new hires

Brigham Young University

Software Developer, -

  • Maintained websites for 12 BYU programs
  • Updated team templates to be responsive


Software Developer, -

  • Built freelance apps and services
  • Maintained open source libraries
  • Managed online developer communities
  • Taught code through video courses, blog posts, conferences, and local boot camps


"Trevor is one of the most skilled developers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He has an outstanding eye for detail and the rare ability zoom out of any task he takes on and quickly understand context in relation to both the system design and the user experience. He's always able to build with a keen eye toward maintainability and efficiency. Furthermore, and more importantly, Trevor is an invaluable asset as a team member. He never hesitates to document his work, and he's a great pair and mentor for other developers. He takes a strong role in building a great team culture in ways big and small. He's always willing to speak up and to contribute to building processes that make work better for everyone around him and our whole team is better for having worked with him." - Lail Brown
"Trevor is a great guy to have on your team. Not only does he build complex UIs incredibly quickly but he's also an amazing communicator. On top of that his enthusiasm for learning means that he's always improving himself and his team." - Chad Jablonski
"Trevor was my instructor training mentor at Egghead. I was immediately impressed by his kindness, but even more impressed by his thorough, kind, and direct feedback. Trevor was excellent at giving me exact and detailed instructions about how I could improve, but making me feel uplifted at the same time. I've also had the opportunity to receive feedback from Trevor on the product that I produce professionally, and his feedback as a user is of the same calibre. He is a product-oriented engineer with an incredible eye for detail and a loving demeanor. Trevor is intelligent and capable, but inquisitive and humble. He's good at what he does, but he's always ready to learn more." - Murphy Randle
"Trevor is as reliable and trustworthy as it gets. I've never met somebody so well organized and goal oriented. It was a pleasure working with him and continuing to be friends with him since. He is optimistic, helpful, patient, and self-aware. I also worked with him on a few side projects and I would happily do so again. His coding expertise and tech fluency was constantly impressive. If you want somebody who can deliver consistently great results, look no further." - Adam Christiansen
"Bionic developer. Trevor Miller is one with the computer. He uses automation to organize his life like no one else. He frees his mind to focus on higher-order problems rather than wasting cycles on the minutiae of coding. Also, he constantly measures himself with several tools to ensure he's always improving and staying efficient. Trevor is a multiplier for team productivity. On a team of 3, his pragmatic approach to development allowed us to keep pace with teams of 10. I can't recommend Trevor enough, and I hope to work with him again in the future." - Jason Staten
"I worked closely with Trevor at Domo, he was the first engineering addition to a project I had started prior to his arrival. Trevor brought a level of organization and consistency the project desperately needed. He helped lay down the ground work for scaling up the project's team size. Trevor helped me grow in my technical skills, my people skills and in navigating the terrain of formalizing a "lab" project and taking it to production. He is the most organized developer I've ever met and his passion about learning has a positive effect on everyone around him. Trevor is a top notch engineer and has something that is far more rare; the emotional intelligence, optimism and people skills to move ideas forward." - Merrick Christensen

Volunteer experience


Service / teaching, -

Formal education

Brigham Young University

Computer Science, Fall 2012 - Fall 2013

Weber State University

Early College - Associate of Science (AS), Fall 2007 - Summer 2009

  • Early college student for junior and senior years of high school
  • Earned the New Century Scholarship
  • Graduated high school with associates degree
  • Graduated with Honors
  • Earned the Honors at Entrance Scholarship