My minimal office set up

How I set up my office for focus and productivity.


Video walkthrough

Cable management

I'm a bit of a neat freak, so I decided to go all out with cable management. Almost everything is mounted below the desk.

The only visible cables are a power cable from the wall (which powers everything) and my headphone cable. The power cable goes up the left desk leg into a box I mounted under the desk which contains a surge protector with plenty of outlets, and a USB hub.

The USB hub has all of my computer inputs; things like my keyboard, monitor, an external hard drive for backups, a DAC, etc. I tried to build it in a modular way so I can still swap out cables and devices occasionally without taking everything apart.

Laptop drawer

My laptop is placed in a keyboard tray mounted under the desk so I can easily plug it into the USB hub and remove it to use outside my office.

Other inputs

On the front lip of the desk I have some input devices. First there is the included desk memory controls for sitting/standing. Then I have a USB female end to connect any temporary USB devices like my midi controller. Then I have an audio interface so I can plug in my mic and guitar for screencasting and recording music.

Above the desk

Above the desk I have mounted a 4k monitor, my headphones on a headphone stand, my mechanical keyboard, my mouse, and a small fan.

Standing desk conversion

The desk can move up and down with motors in the legs. I usually stand before lunch and then sit after. I’ve been using standing desks for years and enjoy the flexibility and extra movement. It’s fun to dance around a bit while typing ;)


I'm very happy with the result. I like having everything tidy and minimal where I spend a good chunk of my life. To me it's worth optimizing occasionally like this with things I use a lot.